LED Lighting


LED Ceiling High Bay

We provide wide range of LED ceiling high bay which can serve every need of customers. Our products provide more capacity compare to others but consume less electricity.

LED Ceiling My Series

Smooth, thin, and seamless light. With rounded tube design highly efficient light diffuser and LED board with good light distribution. This also has a power saving mode which can save more energy.

LED Ceiling Linear Tube

LED L-Fine Series, simple and safety with GX16t-5 which provides low power consumption, but more brightness. More products available in catalogue.

LED Ceiling Downlight

LED Downlight with the luxury design that makes it more eye-catching. There are many models to be able to fit with all areas. The light is adjustable to be suitable for all applications.

LED T8 Lamp

LED T8 with G13 socket is used to replace fluorescent lamps.